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Interested in body contouring at Life Care?​

     Here at Life Care Medical Weight loss, we have the Vaser Shape machine, which is used to perform non-invasive Iipo-reducing treatments to help with fat and cellulite reduction, skin tone and elasticity improvement (via the Vaser Shape or our ALMA Laser) and post-op swelling. We use this machine to help target different problem areas. This procedure takes about forty five minutes to an hour and a half, depending on your preferred treatment choice. We are here to offer you a simple solution to the overall improvement of your body.

     What we love about the Vaser Shape is that it is non-invasive meaning no cuts, incisions or surgery, eliminating the need to use anesthesia. It does not impair your daily activities at all. In fact we promote continued activity, because the more you move, the better results. The Vaser Shape has no reported medical side effects. There should not be any pain or discomfort, your treatment will feel like a relaxing hot stone massage.

      We are glad that you are interested in the body contouring treatments we offer here at Life Care. We have a staff who is skilled in prioritizing patient satisfaction.   Hopefully we will be seeing you soon!

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     The Vaser Shape machine uses non-invasive diathermy the emit ultrasonic wave that goes underneath the skin emitting ultrasonic electrical heat to tighten skin, reduce cellulite and liquefy fat cells which are then pushed towards the lymphatic system using a zonal lymphatic massage and excreted in your urine or stool. The procedure is pain-free and the only side effect a patient will have is warm skin over the area treated and increased restroom breaks because the zonal massage does help to flush the lymphatic system. We recommend that patients use a body wrap following their treatment, for constant heat exposure to help boost treatment effects. There are no reported side effects for receiving a Vaser Shape treatment, but we do encourage each patient to be sure to drink lots of water, continue on with their everyday activities and we also encourage cardio exercise to help boost each treatments outcome.

We use an ultrasonic hand piece and massage oil to glide over the desires area to go underneath the skin to liquefy fats cells, help tighten skin, reduce stretch marks and swelling and improve skin tone. Our staff is trained and certified in using the machine, so they are qualified for helping patients reach their desired results. Each patient is different, therefore their settings are different to aid the process of reaching their desire results. We also provide water and robes to patients to provide a relaxing environment while receiving their treatments. Each patient gets the royal treatment here at Life Care and we have a competent staff led by a doctor whose patients, family or weight loss, are his top priority.

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