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Interested in Laser Hair Removal at Life Care?​

     No one likes stubborn hair or spending money on razors and other shaving supplies. We offer a pain free Laser Hair Removal for our patients with long lasting results. We have a staff that is properly trained and certified in each area of the body and is dedicated to making sure that each treatment is done accurately and with precision. It is a priority here to make sure that each session you have is relatively quick but effective. We offer a relaxing environment for you to enjoy while getting you treatment completed.

     For long-lasting and effective results, we do recommend a series of treatments. A series of sessions is recommended, because hair grows in different stages on the body and we want to make sure that we target each stage as needed. Our priority is swift but effective treatments with regards to fulfilling patient desires and hopefully a hair free future.


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      Our laser here at Life Care comes from ALMA Lasers INC. ALMA Lasers is a company that manufactures virtually pain-free lasers.  Not only does our laser remove hair, but it can also be used for skin tightening, which is also virtually pain free. We treat the abs, chest, back, breasts, buttocks, eyebrows, hands, feet, jawline, shoulders, throat, arms, legs, underarms, chin, face, neck, bikini line and widows peak. Each treatment is virtually painless (because it is equipped with IN-MOTION and DualChill technology), which allows us to treat those sensitive areas, shorten treatment time and cover a variety of skin/hair types.

     We care not only about your satisfaction with your treatments, but your health as well, so we also clear you medically (visual examination for skin/dermatological problems) for Laser Hair Removal. We check for medications known to react with our laser, as well as skin/hair/body products as well. We make sure that each patient is comfortable with the temperature during the treatment and monitor for side effects after treatments as well. Other than the treated area being a little warm/red after the treatment, we have no reported side effects. Comfort, efficiency, and accuracy are what we practice here and our trained staff makes sure that the settings for each patient is for their skin/hair type. No more pain and no more hair is what Life Care offers and we are one of very few that can say that.


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