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Health Services Provided By Life Care

List Of Services Provided By Life Care:

  • Complete Physicals with Breast Exams, Pelvic Exams and/or Prostate Exams

  • Family Planning and Contraceptives

  • Immunizations

  • Well Child Checks

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • School, Sport and Camp Physicals

  • Cardiac Risk and Assessment

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Cancer Screenings

  • Depression Screenings

  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Screenings

  • DOT Physicals

  • Routine and Specialized Lab Work

  • Diet and Exercise Help

Womans Health

Most women tend to neglect themselves, while juggling a busy schedule, forgetting about their annual physical, cancer screening, routine wellness check and/or many other important health services. Life Care is here to provide these unique and dynamic services for women because we understand gender specific illnesses and the importance of a healthy woman to any family.

Mens Health

Life Care understands that men hold a significant place in the population and have their own unique health needs. We are here to help men beat the odds and lengthen their life span against genetic, social and environmental factors. Men tend to wait a problem out to see if the symptoms relieve themselves before seeking medical advice. Simple screenings/test and lifestyle changes facilitated by a physician can save a life. We provide "Well Man" exams to help address the specific needs of men.

Children's Care (Ages 2 and Up)

Children and adolescents are the future. They are a significant resource and their overall health and well being is important. Team Life Care houses a staff that is well trained and adequate enough to perform the assessment as it pertains to the physical, social and emotional health of children, adolescents and young adults. We focus on preventing, detecting and managing any health issues that may arise and effect the different growth and development stages children go through to reach adulthood. The goal is to promote healthy lifestyles and detect any potential physical, behavioral and developmental problems early on. Life Care want all future superheros to be healthy and fit enough the save the world.

Senior Care

Senior citizens are the most prominent population in the healthcare community, most times needing more understanding, care and treatment. Life care is dedicated to providing compassionate care to seniors. We provide gentle and dignifying treatment and care, focusing on preventing disabilities and illnesses that plague the senior population and treating those that may arise.

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