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Medical Weight Loss

About Our Program
     We offer a program that aids on the journey to not only a healthier weight, but a better lifestyle. Our staff has been trained on different weight loss techniques, can offer nutritional and exercise advice and will take the journey with you to help you complete your goal. We are committed to being the change needed to not only begin a weight loss journey, but the journey to a better, healthier you!
     Our program is customizable to fit your needs and offer flexibility with scheduling. Our standard program consists of bi-weekly accountability checks, which consist of a lipotropic injection, weight analysis and program analysis every visit. We offer lipotropic injections to stimulate the metabolism and boost fat breakdown and burning, as well as an appetite suppressant to curb any increase in appetite. Our staff will help you learn techniques and ability to maintain weight loss after your goal is met, without the aid of medication and supplements. We also offer restart programs to those who need to continue on with their journey.
Injections & Supplements
  • Lipotonix: A Mixed Vitamin Booster, comprised of a mix of B-Vitamins, Protein and Amino Acids, to stimulate your metabolism, increase fat-burning and give you energy.
  • B12 Injection: An essential B Vitamin that is water soluble and used to increase energy.  May also aid in the breakdown of fat and proteins.
  • Appetite Suppressant: Typically Adipex/Phentermine (Other Options Available) used to help decrease food cravings in the body. Also, an added side effect is an increase in energy.
Initial Visit: $185
About $100 Monthly After The First Visit
*** Discounts Applicable to Initial Price***
**Pricing Different For Dual Family and Weight Loss Patients**

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